Information about the surroundings

We bring you tips on where to go on a trip to the surrounding countryside and what cultural sights to visit. You will find out what to do in the city center of Karlovy Vary and we will recommend popular cyclists destinations.

Spa Triangle in UNESCO

Karlovy Vary region has a proud position on the world heritage map. The three most important spa towns are looking forward to your visit.

Karlovy Vary
Marianske Lazne
Frantiskovy Lazne

Karlovy Vary and its historic city centre are now a popular tourist destination. The popularity of the spa and healing springs is complemented by the KVIFF International Film Festival, which attracts cinema fans from all over the world every year. The city is rich in beautiful historic buildings, where many historical styles are intertwined, including spa buildings and townhouses. You can stroll along the river Teplá through the city centre, visit five lavish colonnades and try the healing mineral springs, which are famous for their beneficial effects. Traditional spa wafers are also popular. Every trip to Karlovy Vary should lead through the Moser glassworks, the Thun porcelain factory and the Jan Becher Museum with a tasting of Becherovka herbal liqueur. The Mattoni Museum presents the footsteps of Mr. Mattoni, his life and the history of mineral water. You can also visit the magnificent neo-Renaissance Mattoni Villa.

If you are interested in learning more about the spring water, take an excursion to the underground Spring Colonnade. There are 13 mineral springs in the spa town. In the Karlovy Vary Museum you can learn all about the history of the spa town. You can also visit the Papilonia Butterfly House and the Wax Museum.

The lookout towers and viewpoints of Karlovy Vary offer beautiful views. The Diana tower is on the list of cultural monuments, and you can take a cable car up to it. The oldest sightseeing structure is the wooden gazebo Mayer’s Gloriette, also known as the Jelení skok (“Deer Jump”). A few meters further on is the lookout of the Peter the Great. The Three Crosses gazebo offers a beautiful view of the city. Another point of interest lies nearby and that is the Camera Obscura. You can also visit Goethe’s lookout which is accessible by car and has a parking lot. In the vicinity of Karlovy Vary there is the Plešivec lookout tower. After climbing 66 steps you will enjoy the view of the Krušné hory and its highest mountain Klínovec. You will also see the Fichtelberg mountain on the German side, the Doupovské hory and the Slavkovský les. You can drive directly to the Klínovec lookout tower, or you can take the cable car up.

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Karlovy Vary for children

In the Thun Porcelain School you can decorate your own mugs or take a ride in the Children’s Paradise at the Svatošské skály on Appaloosa indian horses. In the Christmas House you and your children will experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas all year round.